Abbey Street,
Staffordshire, ST15 8YE

Mansion House Surgery Car Parking

Important Information, please read

The practice patients who have appointments are struggling to get parked in our car park because shoppers and other users are also parking for free. So the partners have taken the difficult decision to have a car park security system installed to improve availability for the practice patients. This is being operated by a company called Creative Car Park. The company will install the equipment and in return they benefit from any fines which arise from unauthorised parking.

All patients visiting the practice for longer than 15 minutes will need to enter their vehicle registration number in the display pad in reception. If you somebody is giving you a lift into the practice for you appointment please ensure that their vehicle registration is entered into display pad in reception to avoid them receiving a fine.  Pharmacy customers will use the display pad in the pharmacy. Notices will be displayed in the car park and in the building informing users of the process.

Many of the practice patients have mobility issues and rely on the onsite parking for easy access, it is unfortunate that we have had to resort to this option in order to protect this facility.

As this system is being operated by Creative Car Parks any appeals should be made directly to them as detailed on the documentation sent out by them (