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Covid Pass for Travel and Instructions on How to Download the NHS App

Don't leave it too late if you need your Covid Pass for Travel

Please ensure you download your Covid-19 pass in plenty of time before you travel to avoid any disappointment.

If you have changed your name at the surgery due to marriage or by Deed Poll etc. your passport must match this, your name cannot be changed back to your previous name at the surgery unless you have an official form of identification dated after the original name change.

Children aged 13 years and over with their own email address can download their own NHS app and gain access to their Covid-19 passport or visit Get an NHS COVID Pass.

COVID PASS aged 12 or over can download a NHS COVID Pass see Children under 18 and the NHS COVID Pass.

Anyone under the age of 12, there is currently no service available.

If unable to download the app contact 119 to request a Covid-19 pass letter, this can take a short amount of time to arrive so please order this in plenty of time.

If you are struggling to download the NHS App.

This is the status as of Tuesday 10th May 2022.