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Telephone Issues

Constant Busy Lines

We appreciate patients are struggling to get through to the practice on the phone, clinical staff who are trying to call patients are having the same problem as at times all lines are busy. This is a NATIONAL problem that all GP’s are experiencing across the country and all efforts are being put in place to rectify the issue.


Some of the things we have done here at Mansion House Surgery include:

  • Setting up a mobile phone as a designated flu line for patients to ring between 9am and 4pm to book flu vaccinations.
  • Purchasing mobile phones for clinicians to use to call patients
  • Using text messages to send important information quickly to patients
  • Introducing online appointments for blood tests and smears (anything else booked under these slots will automatically be cancelled).


Please bear with us. Everyone has been so understanding and we can appreciate your frustrations at this new way of working. We are continuing to look at solutions to this problem.