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Telephone Access

Why can't I get through on the telephone lines?

When you are struggling to get through on our phone lines please remember:

  • Our clinicians are using the phone lines more than ever for telephone/video consultations which replaces face to face appointments due to Covid-19.
  • All patients who used to attend in person to book an appointment, make enquiries and deal with prescriptions are now ringing to deal with these.
  • Our workload has doubled because we have to phone and check each patient that is coming into the building to ensure that they have no Covid-19 symptoms.

We have purchased additional mobiles for clinicians to use but still the demand has increased. Our current phone suppliers offer no flexibility to improve services but we have added a queuing system in place.

What options do patients have:

Patient Access Order prescriptions

Online Consults, available via Patient Access or our website contact the doctor online or get advice. Note you must allow a maximum 2 working days for the doctor to contact you. This is ideal for Med3 Sick notes but has a multitude of options and is worth visiting before calling us. Complete online and our system receives this for clinical review.

Test Results have you registered for Patient Access?  You can review your results online which saves having to call the surgery.  See our appointments section for more information about Patient Access.

Please bear with us we have more staff answering the phones but some of them are having to call patients to undertake Wellness Checks.