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Electronic Repeat Dispensing. Update from response to COVID-19

In response to coronavirus (COVID-19), Mansion House Surgery is moving suitable patients to electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD) to help you protect yourself and continue to receive your regular medication. Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD) allows your GP to prescribe your regular medicines for up to a year. Your regular prescriptions are stored securely on the NHS database, so they'll be ready at the pharmacy each time you need them without the need for them to be ordered.

Patients who receive repeat electronic prescriptions and are considered clinically suitable may be changed to electronic repeat dispensing in line with guidance from NHS England. If your prescription has been changed to electronic repeat dispensing the practice with notify you by text, phone or letter.

If you receive notification that your prescription has changed to electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD) you do not need to do anything until your prescription is due. When your prescription is due you can attend the pharmacy to collect it, without the need to order the medicines in advance. When you collect your prescription the pharmacy staff will check that you need all of the items on your prescription this month (to avoid wastage) and ask you if there have been any changes to your health or medication.  The Pharmacy will notify you when you collect the last prescription in your eRD batch so that you can order the next batch. If you have items that are used on as needed these will remain on a normal repeat to order as needed – you will be notified of this when your prescription changes to eRD.

More information on Repeat dispensing can be found at:

NHS BSA Electronic Repeat Dispensing

Please note that due to the COVID pandemic the need for patients to consent to eRD has been suspended, allowing the practice to transfer patients who they feel are suitable. If your prescription had been changed to eRD and you wish to opt out of the service please speak to the prescriptions team.