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Mansion House Surgery Appointments

What you need to know about booking appointments during the current Covid-19 pandemic

Thank you to all our patients for being so patient with us during this difficult time, we are grateful to all those of you who have supported us with material, homemade scrubs and other donations of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

We are trying to operate as safely as we can both for our patients and for our staff whilst adhering to the government guidelines. For this reason the majority of our work is being done remotely by telephone or video consultation. This reduces the footfall in the practice and protects the majority of the patients who can be dealt with remotely.

For those patients who need to be seen face to face we are operating a zoning of the practice. We have Green, Amber and Red Zones.

Green Zone – for patients who have no Covid19 symptoms who need to see a nurse, healthcare assistant or a phlebotomist. In order to protect staff and patients alike we contact patients on the day of the appointment just to confirm you have not developed any symptoms overnight. Also for immunisations where some explanation or discussion may be needed this is being done by phone first in order to reduce significantly the length of time the patient needs to be in the practice.

Amber Zone – for those patients with no Covid19 symptoms who need to be seen or examined by a GP, Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) or first contact physio. These appointments are booked by the clinician following the telephone consultation where they feel it necessary to see the patient face to face.

For both Green and Amber we ask that you arrive at the practice in time for your appointment but not early as we will not allow you to wait in the waiting room. You will be asked to wait in your car or outside until just before your appointment. This is for your protection as well as the staff.

Important - Please  wear some sort of face covering – scarf or face mask when attending the practice

Red Zone – this is for patients who have a need to be seen but are displaying Covid19 symptoms. You will be seen by a GP or an ANP wearing full PPE and asked to wear a mask as you enter the building. There is no waiting area for the red Zone you need to wait in your car parked in the doctors car park area and will be called into your appointment by your clinician.

All rooms are cleaned down between patients – Green, Amber and Red.

As time goes on we are extending the services we are offering

Some patients have been sending in letters and emails to the practice with regard to queries and issues to raise with the doctor. These requests are proving difficult to process in a timely manner and are usually an inappropriate means of communication, so we ask that your request/query is made directly by telephone so our reception team can arrange a timely response by the right person. We need to make you aware that this is an unacceptable means of communication and that we cannot guarantee that these will be reviewed in a timely manner. Please do not send photos, letters or emails unless specifically asked to do so. As an alternative, for non-urgent specific conditions, you can view helpful advice and videos or get in touch via our Online Consult service on our website (allow 48 hours for a response). If you need to request an appointment please telephone the practice as usual or book online.