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Shielding Letters for Patients

Have you been deemed at High Risk by the Government?

Shielding Letters for Patients

Some patients have already received a text and/or a letter from the Government instructing them to shield for 12 weeks.  This list was generated from hospital data and GP surgeries were not asked for their input at this time.

We have identified patients who were previously deemed high risk and advised to shield as more low/moderate risk and will be reclassified accordingly.

Anyone who has not met the strict criteria given to us by NHS Digital this week will be contacted by the surgery and advised as follows:

We are pleased to tell you that you do not need to stay at home.

The Government does not wish to advise anybody to follow shielding measures unless absolutely necessary as it is a severe intervention which may be difficult to adhere to for such a long period of time, and the additional benefit gained from this extra measure needs to be weighed against any impact on mental and physical wellbeing from a significant loss of social contact and needing to stay in the home for a number of weeks.

However, Government guidance suggests that people like you who are not included in the shielding group, but who are on the broader list of conditions, follow strict social distancing measures instead (broadly the adult group eligible for a free annual flu vaccine).  Please visit this website for the Government's social distancing guidance:

This list will continue to be reviewed by the GP’s at the surgery.