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General Patient Information

Practice Leaflet

Mansion House Surgery Practice Leaflet.

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Care Quality Commission Certificate of Registration

Our Care Quality Commission (CQC) Certificate of Registration certifies that we have been registered by the Care Quality Commission under the Health and Social Care Act 2008.

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NHS Constitution

View the NHS Constitution.

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Primary Care Research Network

This practice is part of the West Midlands North Primary Care Research Network. The Primary Care Research Network is part of the NHS-National Institute for Health Research and is funded by the Department of Health.

The aim of the network is to provide the evidence to enable patients to receive the best possible care. Doctors at this practice may contact you from time to time when you are potentially eligible for a research study.

Whether or not you take part in any research study is entirely up to you. The decision that you take will not affect your care in this practice is any way. The information that you give to research study will always remain confidential.

We also contribute to the Clinical Practice Research Datalink which is a government organisation that provides anonymised patient data for research to improve patient and public health.  Patients cannot be identified from any information sent. 

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NHS Integrated Care Board

An NHS Integrated Care Board (ICB) is an organisation with responsibility for NHS functions and budgets.

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Stone and Eccleshall Primary Care Network

Together with Cumberland House Surgery and Crown Surgery we make up the Stone and Eccleshall Primary Care Network. Our aims are to allow the member practices the opportunity to develop new services, improve efficiencies and ultimately, improve the care provided to our patients. We will develop new ways of working that will look to use innovative approaches to health care delivery and work with local community, mental health, social care and voluntary services to create a culture of wellbeing for all our patients.

We join with other Staffordshire Primary Care Networks (PCNs) under the umbrella of GP First in order to increase our ability to do this.

This new model of care enables us as practices to be more proactive in creating more integrated health and social care for our patients. We want to encourage wellbeing through healthy communities so we aim to work more closely with local organisations.

Our vision is to make General Practice more resilient

As practices our vision is to make general practice more resilient, inspiring innovation and working with our patients, staff, partners and communities as one team. Although we acknowledge these are challenging times for the NHS, we firmly believe that by developing robust working relationships in the health and social care system we can ensure that we offer a valued quality experience to our population.

National Association of Primary Care (NAPC)

For more information about Primary Care Home visit the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) website

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Publication of GP Earnings

The average pay for GPs working in Mansion House Surgery in the last financial year was £50,991 before tax and National Insurance. This is for 4 full time GPs and 4 part time GPs.