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Online Accurx Triage


All requests to see, or speak to, a GP or Nurse Practitioner are to be made by completing an online triage form. Any patient who does not have access to the internet or has difficulty will be able to contact our reception team who will complete the form on the patient’s behalf.

This is a great way for you to contact our practice for non urgent medical or admin requests. It is very simple to fill out so please do give it a go if you need to contact us. Although the character count is limited on the form, please try to give as much specific and concise information as possible.

Complete an online triage form

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Frequently Asked Questions

The system is not appropriate for urgent requests

Yes it is. All triage requests are dealt with when received and urgent requests are flagged and sent to the clinicians for action. They may decide that the request is less urgent based on their clinical guidance and you will be contacted accordingly.

I have not got access to the internet I am unable to book an appointment

No, that is incorrect. We recognised the difficultly with the telephone system and the level of demand so this system has been put in place for those patients who can use the internet. The aim is to free up the telephone lines for those who are unable to complete a request electronically. Our Reception staff will always complete a triage form for you if you are unable to do so but you will need to call the surgery to do this.

The surgery is just trying to work remotely, why cannot I see a GP Face to Face anymore

We never stopped seeing patients face to face during the pandemic but had to work more carefully based on guidance and protocols. In the month of October 2021 we offered 2,932 face to face appointments of which 105 people did not attend. Accurx triage allows clinicians to review each appointment request and actually allows us to be able to offer appointments more appropriately and if you need to be seen face to face then then we will contact you to book an appointment at the surgery. In some cases patients prefer to be dealt with by telephone but we do recognise patient preference.

I am concerned about a relative who needs an appointment or my relative cannot use this system.

Can I complete this on their behalf?

Yes you can complete on the behalf of someone else. The questions guide you through this.

What can you do to help us to be able to improve the service?

Make sure you complete your triage in as much details as you can. If we have to contact you for more information this delays getting the solution.

Ensure that your contact details are correct. If you say that you’re available make sure that you are. We spend a lot of time trying to contact patients following triage receipt.

If you can’t attend let us know. Your appointment could be offered to another patient. This also includes if your condition has improved and you no longer need to see a clinician. Cancelling can be done by:

  • Link on your appointment text reminder (if appropriate)
  • Calling the surgery using Option 1 available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week
  • If you have Patient Access you can cancel appointments via this method.
  • Complete a triage form to let us know