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Missing Covid Vaccine Information

Records not updated?

If you have missing vaccine information the surgery is unable to amend your records as the data should be processed and held on the National system.  We have been told to advise patients to call 119 and speak with the Vaccine Data Resolution Service (VDRS) as detailed below:

Vaccine Data Resolution Service (VDRS)

The Vaccine Data Resolution Service (VDRS) aims to resolve missing or incorrect vaccination records for people vaccinated in England who have a current NHS number and are registered with a GP practice in England.

The service has been established by NHS England and NHS Improvement, in partnership with NHS Digital, and is delivered by both the South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit (SCW CSU) and by South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS).

The service consists of two main elements:

  • Outbound service: A pilot of outbound calls was launched on 3 August to patients identified as having a second dose but where no first dose is showing on the national immunisation database (NIMS). This service continues to operate.
  • Inbound service accessed via 119: Referrals to the VDRS can be made via any of the services accessed via 119.

Please note: 119 and VDRS call agents will not provide clinical advice and cannot assist at this time with queries related to vaccinations received overseas. If the query relates to personal information that is incorrect on the patient record (e.g. name, address), these will still need to be resolved by their GP practice.

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Covid Appointment Booking

The Kingston Centre in Stafford has now been added to the National Booking Line system so you can now select this centre by visiting Coronavirus (COVID 19) vaccination.

You now do not need to wait for us to contact you about booking your appointment but you must not book your Covid booster vaccine until 6 months after you received your second vaccine UNLESS instructed by a clinician that you need a third primary dose. We are contacting these patients where they have been identified by secondary care.